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Which pain is yours? 3 Types of tooth pain.

A tooth is made of three parts: Enamel (outer layer), Dentin (Middle layer), and pulp (inner layer). The pulp as all the nervers that makes us feel temperature or pain. Two types of nerves are present in everybody’s teeth A-Delta and C fibers. These two fiber types are responsible for 3 types of tooth pain.

Dentinal pain

Quick sharp pain that happen when we drink or eat something too cold or too hot. Normally this pain immediately goes away as soon as the cause is removed.

Reversible pulpitis

Sometimes the pulp become slightly inflamed, and this cause an exaggerated pain to temperatures that are not normally painful. Similar to dentinal pain, the pain in reversible pulpitis is sharp and quickly resolves as soon as the cause is removed.

in both dentinal and reversible pulpitis A-Delta fibers are involved, and this is an indication that the tooth is treatable without the invasive root canal procedures.

Irreversible pulpitis

In this condition the pulp is deeply affected, and the damage has reached the deeper nerves in the pulp namely, the C fibers. Stimulus reaching C fibers leads to a pain that feels dull and prolonged even when the stimulus is removed.

In the case of irreversible pulpitis root canal treatment is mandatory because pulp death is a matter of time.

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Written by Dr. Amine Fattal Orthodontist, Researcher, and Writer

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