Dr. Amine Fattal


Lingual orthodontist

Experienced orthodontist in Lebanon with extensive experience in invisible braces in Lebanon and abroad, qualifications include:

Certificate in advanced orthodontics- University of Connecticut, USA-2012

Experienced practitioner in orthodontics in Lebanon and KSA since 2008

Craniofacial orthodontist at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital- Taipei, Taiwan-2019

Invisible braces training Taipei-Taiwan, Tokyo-Japan, and Chiang Mai-Thailand

International member of the American association of orthodontists

Member of the world federation of orthodontists 

Member of the Saudi association of orthodontists 



-"A comparative anchorage control study between conventional and self-ligating bracket systems using differential moments"-(Angle Orthodontist. 2013; 83:937–942.) 

-Case report: Corticotomy-assisted molar protraction with the aid of temporary anchorage device -(Angle Orthodontist. 2013; 83:1083–1092.) 

-A Biomechanical approach to second Molar Intrusion- JCO 2013-10-608

-  Mandibular Condyle Positional Changes in Class III Adult Patients Treated with Orthodontic Downward Backward Rotation of Mandible. Presented at the "Association of Orthodontists (Singapore) Congress 23 February 2019


Professional interests

Dr Amine is passionate about lingual orthodontics, because he believes that there is a great need for a true and affordable invisible braces option and people in Lebanon,Tripoli  specifically, have the right to get it.

Another interest is monitoring the development of faces and teeth of young patients. This is a very important subject because slight deviations from the normal eruption pattern of the teeth at a young age can cause long periods of braces later in life and thus high costs. Such eruption problems can go unnoticed if not monitored and detected by a knowledgeable orthodontist. 

Cleft cases are challenging cases that Dr Amine take pride in treating. Surgical orthodontics is another skill that Dr Amine learned during his stay in the leading craniofacial center in Taipei, Taiwan : Chun Gung memorial hospital (10,000 bed hospital)

Third Dr Amine is interested in TMD ( Temporomandibular disorders), and orofacial pain. These are the problems that cause pain in the muscles and the joints of the Jaw.


If not practicing orthodontics Dr. Amine spends his time playing music, preparing presentations, working out, or reading. Dr Amine also enjoys and collects specialty coffee and dark chocolate from around the world.

Dr Amine's memberships


Dr. Loulwa El Mourad

Dental and oral surgeon

Extensive experience in oral surgery with subspecialty in pediatric oral surgery 

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Dr Salma Fawwal

General practitioner and sports dentistry expert

Dr Salma is interested in sports related injuries of the dental, oral and facial structures. She is currently becoming very knowledgable about treatments and prevention of such injuries.

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