Welcome to the Sports Dentistry Department

Ortho Clinics in Tripoli Lebanon is starting the initiative for the development of well established Sports Medicine Clinic to treat professional and recreational athletes to go back to "Play". 

Sports Dentistry is under the umbrella of Sports Medicine, these two specialties are rare and we are not even able to find them in Lebanon. That is why we are starting a Sports Dentistry initiative to learn the complexities of such injuries and we are seeking help from interested medical professionals in the region of Tripoli, Beirut or other areas of Lebanon. With the hope of finding interested and enthusiastic professionals who are committed to the specialty. In the future we are planning to send committed professionals Dentists and physicians alike to the United States or other leading countries to acquire the fellowship needed to become as knowledgeable as possible in the field.  

Please refer to the videos below to get more insights about the field, and click here for more info on why sports dentistry is so important in this age.

Please  also find this link to read more about the scope of the Sports Medical Professional: 

Important Videos

Video discussing the importance of Sports Dentistry Care and mouth pieces for prevention

Dr Tracy from Duke Health in North Carolina describes his duties as a Primary Care Sports Medicine doctor. In his words "Whether an individual is competing at the highest level or simply a recreational athlete, returning these athletes to “play” and assuring their health and success is extremely rewarding".