Previous offers

End of the year offer on Lingual braces: 100 USD off + one in-office whitening session! Offer ends December 20.

To benefit from the offer you have to sign up by contacting us before December 20th.

End of the year offer on In-Office teeth whitening using flash German technology

20$ off the 3rd session when you bring a friend.

Current prices for dental and braces

Dental Treatments

Fillings, sealants, and cleaning
Note: We can apply discount on fillings if many are required.

Comprehensive dental check up
(include bitewing xrays): 10$

Composite filling: 20$

Sealant: 5$/tooth

Teeth cleaning: 20$

Fluoride application (Varnish): 5$


In-Office whitening session (15-20 min gel application) : 40$

Appliance (Goutiere) for home whitening: 45$

Whitening gel tube for home bleach: 15$

Splint Therapy (Oral Appliances)

Soft sports mouth guard: 55$

Soft splint for medication application: 60$

Hard splint for bruxism: 60$

Mandibular advancement device (sleep apnea): starting 150$

Braces- Average total cost

Metal braces : starting 1000$

Ceramic Braces: starting 1400$

Lingual Braces: starting 1650$

Aligner therapy: starting 1900$

Fixed or Removable Retainer: 40$

Braces payment method

Metal: 200 USD paid on the bonding appointment the rest is paid on a 30-45 USD/Month basis

Ceramic: 500 USD paid on bonding appointment, the rest is paid on a 50-75 USD/Month basis

Lingual: 400 USD paid on impression appointment, the rest is paid on a 50-100 USD/Month basis

Prices are subject to change at anytime; for most up to date pricing please always check this website.

Details about available services

Free Virtual Consultation

Just follow the following steps: 

  1. Check this link to learn how to take photos of your teeth at home.
  2. Contact us on whatsapp to book your virtual visit.

Invisible “Lingual” Braces

Totally invisible and fixed treatment option for professionals. Duration of treatment depends on the case.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening: A typical patients needs 3 sessions 

A maintenance home bleach kit  can also be purchased

Family Dentistry

Routine, Preventive and minimally invasive dental treatments

  • Fillings (composite)
  • Fluoride application
  • Fissure sealants
  • Extractions
  • Root Canal
  • Crowns

Comprehensive Diagnosis

A full diagnosis and check up is best done before starting any type of dental treatment, it includes the following:

  1. Medical History review
  2. Extra oral screening for signs of medical problems
  3. Dental disease (cavity) screening using Bite Wing x-rays
  4. Gum disease screening by measuring the periodontal pocket depth on all teeth
  5. Oral cancer screening
  6. Risk assessment for carries, gum disease, infection, and oral cancer

Treatment plan report including estimation of the total expenses

Labial Braces

This is the conventional braces that is fully visible, the visibility can be decrease by opting for the ceramic  bracket option (tooth colored option).

Maintenance program

Check up and professional cleaning every 6 month or depending on your risk for periodontal disease for example smokers or diabetic patients need a visit every 3 month.
Each visit  consist of ultrasonic cleaning of teeth and gums.


Different types are available: we choose them according to your needs

  • Clear (removable)
  • Hawley(removable)
  • Fixed lingual retainer


Health history form

Initial visit with us requires completing the health history form which give us a good idea on your current health status so we can adjust our treatment accordingly. Forms are available in English or Arabic