Lingual Orthodontics Lab services

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Lingual lab certification course

Our Lab employs skilled technicians trained in indirect bonding for 3D lingual orthodontics. We use 18 slot brackets that allows rectangular wires in TMA or stainless steel. Our system can be used for all kinds of orthodontic cases, from the extraction case down to minor alignment.

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Dr Amine Fattal

*Director of orthodontics and Lingual lab production at Ortho I Clinics

* Resident in orthodontics at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, United States

Dr Martin Moubarak

*Master Degree in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics

*Lingual orthodontics practitioner

*Associate orthodontist at Ortho I Clinics

Ms Bouchra Noeman

*Lingual orthodontics technician

*Diploma in dental technology