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   Quality of life is defines as “the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group”. Researchers developed tools to measure how each person is experiencing life on a scale. Furthermore, health related issues like oral health conditions have been shown to affect the way each person experience life. Some people are more psychologically compromised, more concerned, have social anxieties because of oral health problems. The effect that oral/teeth conditions have on a person quality of life is called oral health related quality of life. 

   Crooked, or protruded (sticking out) teeth are one of the issues that can affect the quality of life of people who need teeth straightening in Lebanon or other country in the arab world. For example a person can become anxious and not happy because she is conscious about her teeth and try to hide them on every social occasion. This further have implication on the self-esteem and self-worth. Meaning that such person might start thinking of herself as not worthy of getting the love from a person or not worthy of getting the job which will in fact set her up for not achieving success in her life.

   Orthodontic treatment for teeth alignment was seen by the public, and by many health professionals, as a treatment for children. But any aging dentition will suffer from periodontal disease (gum disease), attrition, loss of some teeth, TMD ( temporomandibular problems which are disorders of the jaw and joints). All these conditions will cause teeth to shift positions and will eventually need braces to straighten them up again. Another reason we expect more adults to need teeth alignment and braces is that simply they didn’t get it when they were young because of family financial constraints. Now they are independent, working, and ready to further advance their career by investing in a better smile with straight and healthy teeth.

   In most countries the drop in the birth rate and the increase in the average age of the population have further increased the need for orthodontic treatment for adults. More doctors are focusing their attention on older age groups for orthodontic teeth straightening. As a result, the industry has tried to improve the esthetic aspects of the appliance by introducing invisible options like braces behind the teeth which are NO SHOW braces and professionally called lingual braces. Also teeth straightening with aligners has become one of the new options.

   However, invisible (lingual) orthodontics represents the only solution for patients from an esthetic point of view. All patients - not only adults - attach great importance to their appearance and several of them would probably refuse traditional orthodontic treatment for social or work reasons. As a result of the influence of the media, our esthetic features have increasingly become points of reference for our social relationships. A pleasant esthetic look increases a person's self-confidence and provides reassurance when making personal contacts. It also helps interpersonal relationships, since initial contact is visual. 

   In conclusion aligned teeth and a nice straight smile improve the quality of life of the individual by giving her the confidence to smile at the world and the lingual (NO SHOW braces) appliance is the best tool to achieve this. Moreover we showed why more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment now and why this will continue in the future.



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