Introduction to the available jobs


We are located in Tripoli, Lebanon. We offer treatments, services and products directed to the health and well being of the individual as it relates to the oral cavity. Currently we have specialists that are also sub-specialized in areas of the profession including:

1. Dental and Oral healthcare specialist

2. Oral surgeon specialist

3. Orthodontist specialist

4. Orthodontist for adults/lingual orthodontist specialist

5. Craniofacial orthodontist specialist

6. Sports dentistry specialist

7. Dental Medical Doctor

8. Medical writers

9. Researchers

The vision is to improve the quality of life of our community by providing  and communicating the TRUE healthcare knowledge, as well as constantly improve our knowledge base to provide the best care available.

We need more human resources to help us.

Please check the available positions and apply if you feel we are a fit.

Position 1

Intern/Trainee Dentist

Fresh graduate dentist


1. License to practice in Lebanon

2. Good English

Job description

1. The clinical responsibility of the intern is to perform oral health care programs on all Ortho I Clinics patients which includes periodontal charting, Medical & Dental health history taking/medical screening, blood pressure measurement, oral hygiene instructions/reinforcement, and scaling/polishing ( all skills will be taught in the first months of joining).

2. Complete the curriculum provided by Ortho I Clinics. The curriculum includes completing online courses, and other materials like textbooks related to dental and oral hygiene, periodontics and oral medicine.

3. Present progress weekly in the Monday morning/or evening meeting at Ortho I Clinics

4. Salary will be discussed in interview

5. send to

6.  Note that the interviewing process is a "phases" process, NOT a single interview. 

Position 2

“Research and dental assistant” Needed- 19/08/2019



Minimum Requirements:  

  1. Good command of English  
  2. Undergraduate degree in any of the biological sciences 
  3. Comfortable using office (word, excel, power point)  
  4. Willing to take the path of dental/oral/craniofacial Health knowledge base.
  5. Complete prerequisite courses online ( before joining. 

Job description (2 components): 

First component: 

  1. Search medical databases online and write an evidence based article/blog for publishing on and later in a peer reviewed journal
  2. Create presentations about the research done  
  3. Create posters for meetings in Lebanon or the region 
  4. Deliver presentation at select events 

Second component: 

  1. Basic dental assisting (learn the dental instruments and when they are used)  
  2. hygiene of the clinic and instruments sterilization  
  3. Basic patient communications (appointments scheduling, treatment coordination, and treatment explanation to the patient)( training will be provided+ the knowledge acquired from the research)

Note:  Time will be split between the two components. 

To apply please send the following to

1. Updated CV

2. Any proof of English proficiency.

3. Statement of career planning and personal goals

4.Any supporting documents (degrees, certificates, conferences, online courses, or completed projects, english tests if available)

5.Copy of passport or ID

6.Note that the interviewing process is a "phases" process, NOT a single interview.

Stipend will be similar to a freshly employed school teacher at local schools in Tripoli.

Important keywords: "Evidence based dentistry", "systematic reviews", "Meta-analysis", "Databases", "soft skills", "publishing", "scientific writing", "work ethics".


Position 3


As part of the lingual orthodontics and sports dentistry initiative. We are looking for an interested dental technician who is willing to learn new and rare skills.

Lingual orthodontics is the subspecialty in orthodontics that deals with fabrication, installation, and activation of orthodontic appliances on the back of the teeth. Lab techniques are at the heart of the specialty.

Minimum requirements:

1. Degree or experience in dental lab work

2. Good English language command.

Job Description:

the job is split between the lab, and the clinics

At the clinics: the job is to help in patient related procedures.

At the Lab: the job is to learn and start doing the lingual lab technique as well as fabricating acrylic mouth appliances, and mouthguards.

The nature of the job can be part time or full time depending on the skill and abilities of the applicant.

All training will be provided by Ortho I Clinics.

Interviewing will be conducted by phases, meaning that we will interview candidate several times before we decide. we will take our time to know each applicant abilities before we hire.

Salary depends on all the above factors and will be discussed during interviews.

Please send CV and supporting documents to


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