Adult orthodontics

Are you an adult above 18? Eight things you should know before getting braces.

Adults getting braces was a not so common in the past. Nowadays more and more adults are seeking braces treatment to improve their smile and oral health.

According to surveys in the united states, 1 in every 3 patients in an orthodontics clinic is an adult. In an orthodontics clinic, an adult patient is any patient who is above 18 years old, and adults orthodontics now constitute a major component in any orthodontic office.

Children orthodontics

Expansion therapy in a 6 year old

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children have their first orthodontic evaluation before the age of seven. This evaluation is important to rule out certain growth issues such as crossbites or detrimental oral habits like thumb sucking.

Deviations in occlusion in the primary dentition are often associated with a narrow maxilla and do not self-correct. They would be carried to the succeeding permanent dentition and to a more pronounced degree.